the blue block is movable 8 hours, that I have the option of working or not working throughout the week. they can go anywhere, i can do them anytime
yellow blocks are solid, cannot moved, consist of work and going to the counselors office
purple blocks are for gym time. I’m not a morning person but with my cast showering takes longer, so I need a longer chunk of time to wake up, go to gym, shower. I also need to lose 30 pounds by the time I go for thanksgiving, WHICH IS AN AVERAGE OF 3.3 POUNDS A WEEK, APPROXIMATELY so the big gym chunks are also necessary, may add on weekends
green are, of course, class. I’m not typically a class skipper so I think those will remain
now, in the white space are the following priorities: writing my big bang, homework, studying, rehearsal for acting class (which will be added in two hour chunks, and also working on my program applications, which are due december 1st
also Im trying to read books and watch movies and expose myself to culture, so…you know…that too
also oops there are no blocks for eating??? going home takes time and while I can pack basic lunch like carrots and an energy bar I’m not spending food on cooking so???
I really need to set up a massive queue between ten and ten
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